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Elfin Technologies, Author Intro

I'm Randy Constan, Inventor, Engineer, Guitarist, and eternal child (at least I like to think so). I've spent several decades professionally involved with electronics and software engineering, mainly related to automation technology in the Electric utility industry. (For the curious, here's my obligatory resume).

So I wear a lot of hats and as a musician, have constantly used my skills to modify my gear, and design new equipment when the things I wanted didn't exist. If you're a musician too you can appreciate how satisfying that can be! How often have you bought a piece of gear you liked, only to end up with a wish list of missing features. Or how many times have you envisioned a product that you knew could be made, that you'd probably buy it in a heartbeat if only SOME company would just make it!

Well this has been the story of my life, and not just in the realm of music. I'd need a specialized amplifier or PA system to work a certain way and end up building my own. And I don't think I've ever owned a single effects pedal I didn't eventually take it apart and modify, so it would work as I wanted it to. Sometimes this was just a matter of saving some hard earned cash, which all musicians can appreciate. But just as often the motivation was simply wanting something nobody was making, and deciding to do something about it.

So this is the reason for this site! After many years of building things just for my own use, I've decided it is time to share some of these inventions. Some of these projects have been completed and are in the process of being duplicated for sale. Others are future plans still on the drawing board. Here are some of the hottest products that you'll soon be able to get from Elfin technologies. This is just the beginning! I have a lot of goodies, gadgets, and hardware modifications to share with you. Stay tuned.

As I finish this update, I'd like to call your attention to a couple of products. First there is Sound Man, the ultimate wireless controller for musicians. Two years in development, Sound Man combines the features of a loop-station with control over multiple audio levels, support for pedals and multi effects racks, multiple networked remote transmitter options, and an incredible number of programmable features. A link to the full manual is available for download too.

Next, The PX-Axe is now available. PX-Axe started as a tiny travel guitar I discovered that turned out to be a gem in disguise. With a nearly full scale neck, its only flaw was its volume. Unless you were playing it in a quiet room, you probably wouldn't hear it. Well you sure can! After a lot of development and experimentation, this has turned into the most amazing self amplified guitar you will ever hear. You can read up on it here. Note that due to limited supplies of the actual guitar, this product won't be available forever! So if you like what you see, get your order in soon.

And now for something completely different, I've been developing and refining a pool pump controller for solar heated pools for several years, and it sure has saved me a bundle of cash! Solar energy, of course, is free, and several companies will install solar collection panels on your roof, so that water pumped through them is naturally heated. But you sure can waste a ton of bucks running your pump for additional hours when there's no sun, when its raining, or then the pool temperature is already pleasant. Programmable technology to the rescue, and I've no doubt our pump controller will become a standard add on to any solar installation.