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Custom Modification and enhancement

Anything can be improved. Let us help!

I often find it depressing when I see friends, and especially fellow musicians spend their hard earned money buying something to do what their existing equipment could already do, with just a few changes.

Granted this is not always the case. While the innards of electronic devices were once easy to understand for the technically savvy, you can't count on that anymore. A good example is a guitar amplifier, which you could once be sure would contain familiar analog circuitry. Now these same amplifiers often contain mostly digital signal processing (DSP) chips and support logic, which having propriety hidden code is very difficult to modify.

But before you throw in the towel, you really owe it to yourself to talk to us. Even the most hi-tech devices, some of which you'd think impossible to modify are still not beyond improvement for at a reasonable cost. Especially when a replacement that has the feature you are missing ,ay cost a great deal more, and then be missing features you had in the original device.

The point is, many wish list features in your existing gear are things attainable by some kind of modification or add on. And while such a modification is not always a practical solution, its always nice to at least know your options So if you have an idea for a feature that you really would like to see added to an electronic device, it possible we may be able to offer you a solution. Why not touch base with us using our Contact form and explain what you have in mind. Not only may we offer you some surprising solutions, but depending on your skill level we might even be able to help you do it yourself!