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I have a significant history designing and building electronic circuits and devices. Over a lifetime this has included analog and music electronics, digital logic, microprocessors, embedded controllers, and a significant variety of programmable devices. My long analog experience started back in the era when vacuum tubes were the only viable choice for audio, even as solid state was rapidly taking center stage. As a young musician who was far from "well to do", I constantly applied my interest to making products I couldn't afford to buy. And as the components of the technology became more affordable, this became a very satisfying endeavor. When microprocessor technology began dominating, I was soon building boards controlled with CPUs, and writing early CAD programs for the home computer market.

Over time this "hobby" migrated into a career, first as a technician and later an engineer. (For those interested in my professional history, my resume) is here.) Beyond training and experience, I developed a very strong understanding and instinct for how things work. This enabled me to make a great deal of things for myself, improve the functionality of existing devices, and solve problems with whatever technology was available.

Perhaps it was always a matter of economics, a reality which over time makes you become a seasoned cheapskate. So beyond designing my own projects, a major satisfaction for me was coming up with low cost design and build techniques that did not compromise quality. For example, after a lifetime acquiing contacts within the industry to bring down costs, I have printed circuit boards made for me at professional PCB fabrication houses these days. But before that I routinely made my own PC boards from scratch using a wide variety of methods.

The bottom line is that I have the resources and skills for getting electronics done at reasonable costs, and a lot of creative experience thinking through multiple approaches to problems. So if you have an idea you would like to explore, for your own use or as a prototype for manufacturing, I can help you turn that idea into a working solution.

From 'Napkin drawn schematic' to a real device

  • If you have an idea and are not sure how it can be implemented, we can usually offer you multiple solutions and approaches.
  • If you have already developed your idea to some extent and need some technical review, we will discretely advise, and will even sign an NDA if you wish so you can feel confident we're not stealing your idea.
  • If you've constructed a prototype circuit and would like some assistance turning it into CAD drawn schematics with PC Board layouts along with standard Gerber files, we can provide that service. In fact, if you need some actual prototypes made in the form of a complete package suitable for a professional demo prototype, we can do that to.
  • If your device includes the need for an embedded controller, microprocessor, or system on chip (SoC), and you need some assistance coding, you simply could not have found a better resource.
  • And finally, if we do assist you in turning out a prototype of something you'd like to market, we will help you by placing an advertisement link to your product info on the Elfin Technologies site. In fact, we can even arrange to host a product information brochure for you, at a very modest cost.

Partner with us. We won't break the bank

I am not a "stuffy" engineer in a 3 piece suit looking to drain you or your company's bank account. Despite 40 years in the engineering profession, I am still a hard core believer and supporter of the Do It Yourself (DIY) philosophy, and get a lot of personal satisfaction helping people turn their ideas into reality. Drop us a note using our Contact Form. You can even upload an initial photo or file if you wish. There is never a charge for initial consultation, even if you never use any paid services.

A few client photos of custom devices

High Speed programmable port switch
for legacy serial communication system.

MCU based event counter with programmable debounce
for a custom electric substation protection relay application.

Custom Class AB 200W audio
amplifier for stage monitors.

Implementation of 'Baby Seat'
safety monitor