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SoundMan Wireless Audio and Effects Controller System

Introduction And product Summary

Wireless control of Effects, Volume Levels, and more

Musicians, vocalists, and club DJs have many wireless products today, freeing them from an endless array of cords. Wireless mics and wireless guitar links allow greater performance freedom , while wireless headsets eliminate the need for heavy stage monitors. But a guitarist or bassist is often still tethered to a pedal board, and all stage musicians are still dependant on a human Sound Man to adjust their levels... if you can find him! Well now your own personal Sound Man is here, and it will change your life!

First, Sound Man offers remote wireless control of the volume level, of up to 4 audio sources. Of course all instruments already have volume controls, but these can't control the level at a point after the effects chain. Next, Sound Man offers powerful wireless loop switcher capability, which allows the grouping of effects from individual pedals into patches. Sound Man can even interface with patch buttons on multi-effects units. And since Sound Man incorporates level control too, it can automatically save and recall volume levels of a selected channel along with each patch, and apply it to a dedicated audio channel. No need to deal with cumbersome "patch editing" for this, and of course you can have a "master" volume channel as well. This system is not just for musicians! Human sound techs, club DJs, theatre production producers and many others can reap a huge benefit from being able to control volume levels from out in front of the speakers among the audience, or on the dance floor!

Sound Man has multiple component offerings, with a modular design approach that lets you get just what you need. Sound Man also allows control from multiple remotes!

Hot Foot is the first of our Remote controllers.. Imagine being able to put your bulky pedal board out of sight behind the scenes instead of between you and your audience, replacing it with this compact 9" device. Volume control of up to 4 selectable channels is done through a pair of up/down stomp buttons, with configurable response speed. The remaining 8 buttons are used for programmable patches. Hot Foot also has an input to accommodate a passive analog expression pedal (such as the Roland EV-5), for volume control over a selected channel.

Next we have Side Winder. This compact version of the Sound Man transmitter offers all the features of HotFoot except the expression pedal input, in a unit small enough to attach to your guitar or strap. Side Winder. offers the precise and familiar feel of an ordinary knob for volume adjustments. You press down on the knob to select channels and turn to adjust levels. Mounting can be done using harmless self stick 3M Command Strips, or a heavy duty strap mount clip we supply. Both Hot Foot and Side Winder. offer a large multi color LED, which flashes to let you know which audio channel is being controlled.

Thus the performer can select effects patches, adjust their master or patch levels, create volume swell effects, and even adjust a main stereo out from backing tracks players, drum machines or mixer outputs, from one convenient point. All this without the performance distraction of having to run back to a console board, or get the attention of whoever is running the board!

Use both transmitters? YES you can! Sound-Man can network multiple remote transmitters (up to 8) without conflict, thanks to an intelligent packet based transmission protocol, complete with internal message bookkeeping and network security. So not only can you use both Side Winder and the Hot Foot transmitters simultaneously, but you might even offer an additional remote to a trusted friend out in front of the speakers. (You can configure that remote for "volume only" control to avoid accidental patch changes.) Transmitters can also be configured to individually control multiple receivers, each assigned to different tasks. The system's versatility is endless.

More Volume Level Features. Beyond basic up/down level control and memory, Sound Man also offers a configurable volume swell effect. Guitarists often create volume swells with either a pedal or a pinky judiciously wrapped around a volume control. With Sound Man, any patch button can also double as a volume swell trigger, and the speed of the effect is widely configurable.

The Master Receiver is the heart of the Sound Man system. You mount this unit with your pedal board or with your multi-effects unit or mixer. It is powered by its own AC power adapter. Four 1/4" TRS jacks on top of the unit provide access to the inputs and outputs of it's 4 available audio channels, which can be configured for mono or stereo operation. Internally, high quality digital potentiometer ICs provide 64 steps of level control with 1 decibel per step resolution, including mute.

For control of patches, there are two possibilities. To start, the Master Receiver has 8 electrically isolated output contacts, accessible via a ribbon cable connector. This allows Sound Man to be wired directly into virtually any multi-effects unit with patch buttons. Even amplifiers with built in patches can be wired for Sound Man control*

In the case of individual pedals, these are controlled using our Pedal-Pusher adapter, which plugs into the Master receiver. In either case, up to 8 presets may be programmed , with each controlling up to 8 outputs in any combination required. "Y cables" (often called "Insert" cables) are provided, all with space saving right angle adapters, to connect to each of your individual pedals or pedal groups. By providing a separate module for control of individual pedals, a huge number of options for controlling both multi-effects units and pedals is realized. This also paves the way for future module products for control of stage lighting or other equipment.

The buttons on both the Side Winder or Hot Foot remotes can be user programmed to activate any combination of patch outputs to control your effects, with a huge number of configurable logic options. Outputs can be configured individually for latch, momentary, or pulse operation. Several "Latch modes" are available to permit alternate behaviors, when new patches are selected. (See manual for full details)

Superior battery management. Side Winder operates from a built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery good for over 20 hours, and can quickly be charged from a connector on the master receiver, or from any USB port. Hot Foot is powered by ordinary alkaline batteries, and is also available in a rechargeable version. But... do you constantly burn through batteries because you leave things on? All musicians do, so we developed a 6 tiered approach to battery management to ensure Sound Man would not contribute to the problem. These include "bar graph" style battery health checks, configurable warning levels, auto-shut-down on non use, and total battery shutdown protection for all lithium rechargeable versions. Much like the power management features in a smart phone, together these features both prolong battery life, and ensure the battery is never damaged by over-discharge. I can safely guarantee you'll be screaming for ALL companies to start implementing our scheme.

Network security and multi channels. Sound Man's communication protocol provides security PIN code options to ensure no unauthorized operation can not occur, even from another nearby Sound Man transmitter. And if channel interference ever becomes a problem, you can quickly switch your components to one of 8 radio channels on the 2.4Ghz band. Radio range may be up to 50 feet, but like all wireless devices used in electrically noisy situations, maximum reliability is attained by minimizing distance.

*Multi-Effects users not left out. We mentioned direct wired support of multi-effects pedals. While most companies won't even consider features that require equipment modification, we believe in making all possibilities available, and letting the customer decide. The electrically isolated high speed signal relay contacts in the master receiver can be made to operate the patch button actions on a great deal of multi effects equipment. You don't even need the Pedal-Pusher adapter for these situations, but some internal wiring will be needed on your multi-effects gear.

Such modifications do typically require some soldering, but while there are some "pain in the neck" cases, most often this re-wiring is relatively straightforward. Consider this somewhat vintage BOSS multi effects unit. Even without digging into technical details, it is obvious that each of those "stomp" buttons could easily be activated by external contacts, without interfering with the pedal's normal operation. And in the end, you will have all of Sound Mans remote control features, including more convenient patch level setting, volume swells, etc. Even amplifiers with built in patches can be wired for Sound Man use. We will provide all the guidance, cables and connector variations you may need. But if you don't feel comfortable doing internal wiring, we will make installations on up to two devices free of charge!

This is just an "introduction". If you are reading this on line and are intrigued, you are strongly encouraged to download the entire User Guide and explore the details, including thorough and comprehensive setup and programming discussions. Sound Man was designed to be a very versatile, flexible, and modular system, with a tremendous number of configurable options. We hope it will meet and exceed all your expectations for such a device. And if the feature you want isn't there, talk to us... we just might add it for you! Read on...

Elfin Technologies Customer Promises

Every company offers thanks for your purchase. Its easy to say. But we consider customers (especially early customers) to be business partners, and put our money where our mouth is!

  1. We will be responsive to Customer requests. I get pretty annoyed with companies who could easily improve their product with a minor programming upgrade, but won't respond when asked. That's the problem with big companies, and it stinks! Granted, some ideas require electronic re-design and are not trivial. But even when it is, there should still be a response and some kind of discussion. So if you need a modification or have an idea, we will seriously look into it. If the suggestion is feasible and important to you we will, at the very least, offer a custom upgrade at minimal cost, especially if it can be accomplished by a firmware change alone. Suggestions that do require additional electronics will also be considered too. We make custom devices and mods to gear for customers all the time.

  2. Free firmware upgrades for life. As of the time of this writing there is not yet an "easy" means by which firmware upgrades can be done by the user at home, except by those fairly experienced working with electronic hardware and "low level" development tools. Now *IF* that is you, we'll talk and I can steer you though what is needed. If home upgrade is not possible you may have to return the affected components so we can perform the upgrade. And if an upgrade is ever needed because a serious bug is discovered, we'll even eat the shipping costs.

  3. We will be fair about all repairs and replacements. For the first 60 days after purchase, we offer to repair or replace ( at our discretion), any part of the system that has failed to operate as specified, provided the problem wasn't caused by obvious abuse. We will also offer a full refund during this time, provided the system is returned in salable condition (there may be some small fees if cosmetic refurbishing is required). Considering the many opportunities for damage a piece of musician's gear can have, this is fair, especially for a small company. But even if the damage was your own fault or the warranty time has expired, we will still offer the most reasonable fees possible for repairs. Even if the product (or the business) is discontinued, will make arrangements for alternate service should I, the designer leave the planet (or lose my mind!)

  4. If we can reduce production costs, you get a refund!!! There's something you won't hear every day!. Elfin Technologies is a small company and the time and money spent for hand construction of a product in small quantities is inevitably higher. But if volume increases and costs are reduced, I (as owner) will guarantee you a fair reimbursement based on any lowered sale cost. This is our personal thanks to early customers. One caution though, if you are excited about Sound Man don't wait for such reductions! Right now, Sound Man is being test marketed with the very best prices we can offer. If the current prices drops, that will likely be well into the future, and we certainly can not guarantee what the future will hold.

Full User Guide (manual)

Uploaded Feb. 15, 2023

Last document revision, 1.1

Firmware v.1.2

Click To View or Download User Guide

This is a PDF file, about 4.8MB is size, best downloaded on a broadband connection, and viewed on a desktop computer. If download fails, please use our contact form and request a copy via email.

Pricing and Availability

***** IMPORTANT *****

I am no longer producing this product line except for custom builds, so you can safely ignore all original MSRP prices in the table below. Typically you can expect quotes approximately 1/2 or less what you're seeing here, even lower on combinations. Further discounts for "friends and family" also apply.

BUT supplies are very limited. So please use the Contact form for quotes.

Product Item/Price - Misc Inclusions and Info -


Includes 3 AAA alkaline cells

HotFoot Rechargeable

Includes cables / adapters needed for either USB or Receiver Recharge.


Includes cables / adapters needed for either USB or Receiver Recharge, one 6 pack of 3M "Command Strips", and strap clip back hardware with adhesive pad. Optional second back cover with permanently mounted strap clip.

Master Receiver

Master Receiver
Includes external isolated 9VDC switch mode power supply, Four "Y" breakout Cables, Breakout Cables are about 6" and have female (1/4") I/O. 3-foot breakout cables with male 1/4" plugs are also available on request.

Pedal Pusher Adapter

Pedal-Pusher Adapter
Includes 8 Insert Cable Assemblies, which include Rt-Angle adapters (see manual for more details), plus two 1-foot standard patch cords with 1/4" plugs. Supplied with built in 16" Ribbon cable for control and power with connector(s) for Master Receiver (Other lengths available.) Can also be used as a stand alone component for your own DIY "loop Switcher" designs. All Master Receiver sales include complementary direct wiring service for up to two (2) devices. See manual and inquire using our contact form for details. See manual and inquire using our contact form for details.
Some Sample Package Pricing Options. 10% Discounts apply on some combinations 20% discounts applied to certain extra purchases. Use contact form for additional price quotes and combinations

Package 1

Includes One (1) each, Hot-foot (Std. Battery ), Side-Winder, Master Receiver, Pedal-Pusher. 10% discount applied for this package

Package 2

Includes One (1) each, Hot-foot (Rechargeable Version), Side-Winder, Master Receiver, Pedal-Pusher. 10% discount applied for this package

Package 3

Includes One each, Side-Winder plus Master Receiver.

Package 4

Includes One each, HotFoot (Std Battery) plus Master Receiver.

Package 5

Includes One (1) HotFoot (Rechargeable) plus Master Receiver

Package 6

Includes One each, HotFoot (Std Battery), Master Receiver, Pedal-Pusher. 10% discount applied for this package

Package 7

Includes One each, HotFoot (Rechargeable), Master Receiver, Pedal-Pusher. 10% discount applied for this package

Additional Sidewinder

Additional 20% discounts applied for all additional remotes or master Receivers when any other package is purchased. Discount may be used either at time of original purchase, or a future purchase from same customer.

Additional HotFoot
(Std Battery)


Additional HotFoot


Additional Receiver


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