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A Creative and self motivated individual with nearly 50 years of progressive experience in electronic, software and system design, specializing in products related to Electric Utility automation, supervisory, and SCADA equipment.


Positions considered

Product or system design, R & D, or system support. Private consulting and permanent positions considered. Casual unpretentious environments appreciated. Team spirit expected. Home based work preferred when practical. Professional and personal references available on request.


o   Embedded Systems design in C, C++, assembler if necessary. Proficient in accomplishing a great deal in small systems with limited memory and system resources. Low level CPU experience includes Motorola 68xxx and Intel 8051 through 80386 embedded, older 6502 & Z80, Dallas 80C320, and various PIC Micro-controller chips.

o   Windows application coding (Microsoft VC++/MFC), in applications ranging from communication drivers to Substation Automation systems. Additional recent experience building communication drivers in JAVA

o   Expertise in software implementation of communication protocols such as MODBUS, DNP, SEL Fast Metering, and many bit oriented SCADA protocols, including serial and TCP/IP variations.

o   Electronic Design, including analog, digital, and mixed signal systems with (or without) MCUs, including PC board layout and fabrication techniques, and prototyping. Specific abilities in design related to data Concentrators, protocol drivers, and IED support devices used by Electric utility companies.

o   Superior troubleshooting skills, especially problems involving serial and network communications. Able to isolate problems in complex systems and provide solutions. I have designed software based diagnostic subsystems to help customers solve their own problems. Also have  performed  chip level electronic repair.

o   Excellent technical writing ability, particularly as it applies to Product Documentation and instructional materials. Solid communication skills, both written and verbal.

o   Microsoft Office suite tools including MS Word, Publisher, Access, and Excel. Also, various electronic design  SCAD programs, Visio, Photoshop, Paintshop, and various tools for drawing and interacting with graphics.

o   Web design experience, including HTML/XML, CSS, and JavaScript.  Pioneered development of web based HMIs and industrial controls.

o   Helpful personality and enjoyable to work with. Talent for explaining complex systems both to lay people and engineers. Ability to put stressed customers at ease. I also make it my business to maintain well commented source code and project files, and openly share techniques with customers and co-workers alike.


Professional Experience and History


Serveron Corp / BPL Global.                                                      Offices, Beaverton Oregon, Columbus Ohio, Others
Sr. Systems Engineer                                                                  2007 - 2014

I, along with partners from “Plan-B” (see below) were acquired, along with our Substation Automation products, by Serveron Corp., who themselves were acquired by BPL global. My responsibilities include:

o   Continued software and driver development and support for the SA system

o   support for continued electronic design and enhancement of the SA related hardware.

o   IED communication driver development via  the JAVA platform for BPL’s “Power SG”, a Smartgrid product. 

o   Creating various special purpose protocol converter solutions, often within embedded controllers, for various product add-ons.


Plan B Solutions, LLC                                                                 Partnership, offices Tampa, FL
Software, embedded systems, electronic design                                      2005-2007


At Plan B, we implemented a major Substation Automation contract with LADWP involving over 150 substations, which a previous employer failed to fulfill. There I was also the lead engineer tasked with developing our own next generation SA system. My responsibilities included.

o   Continuing a rollout of the contracted SA systems for LADWP in partnership with a California based company called Inspiria, at an electrical manufacturing facility in California. This mainly included configuration and point testing, SAT and FAT tests, software problem correction, and assisting LADWP with installation issues and troubleshooting.

o   Major development of next generation SA system fell to me. This included Microcontroller selection for our new modules, internal communication system, electronic design of required PC boards and backplane, the operating system, application templates, multiple IED communication drivers and protocol translators, and preparation of system documentation so other engineers could continue development.


TASNET Inc. , System Integration                                            Pinellas Park, Florida

Software Engineer, Electronic Design                                      1995 – 2004


Developed software applications for small embedded devices called network interface modules (NIMs), as part of a SA package, and also designed electronic products where necessary to meet customer requirements.  Responsibilities included:


o      Coding of  driver applications  in ‘C’, customized for  specific IEDs or protocols. Tasks included real time data acquisition, automated fault records retrieval, providing control via SCADA or HMI links, and  remote access to  IEDs, via service called “loopthrough”. I personally developed such drivers for over 30 devices with many  protocols. While many capabilities of this SA system are common today, it is significant that TASNET was an early pioneer of such Substation Automation technology, and a leader in the field for many years.

o      Developed various customer specific electronic products, including all phases of circuit design, PC layout, prototyping and where applicable, embedded MCU coding.

o      Developed Windows based software for system support and the configuration of various products.

o      Prepared and maintained both product documentation and  training materials for new programmers.

o      Customer support.


Consolidated Edison Electric Company                                     New York, New York

Sr. Engineering Technician, Energy Control Center            1974-1994


o      Software and electronic system design and implementation in areas related to automated electronic troubleshooting.

o      Developed powerful data acquisition and graphic display systems to directly replace walls of mechanical chart recorders. Custom graphics and client server communications developed independent of the modern windows operating system, providing otherwise impossible speed and responsiveness.

o      Several years of repair and maintenance of mini and mainframe computers made by Gould, early Perkin – Elmer, Quindar , QEI systems, and back to some of the earliest Supervisory systems such as GE-TAC

o      Several years performing acceptance testing of electronic safety devices used by field personnel. Performed OSHA specified environmental and sound level testing within generating stations. 

o      Network troubleshooting; including the use of specialized tools such as time domain reflectometers. Also had some training configuring and setting up Cisco Routers.


I hold only an Associate degree (A.A.S.) in Electronics, from Staten Island College in 1974. Obviously most of my skills are self taught, the result of myriads of electronic and software training courses offered through employers combined with relentless personal interest in the technology. As an example, I pioneered real time digital signal processing on a 16 bit ATARI computer with hardware add-ons of my own making, way back in the 80s. This personal zeal was further enhanced by the unlimited resources available via the Internet, starting with shell accounts in the late 80s .


I am very spiritual in my views of life and a believer in God, though not very religious. I am happily married to my wife Dorothy. I am also a musician, songwriter and freelance entertainer, and enjoy bringing both laughter and encouragement to those with whom I am privileged to find audience. I consider integrity, reliability, cooperation, and fairness to be important to every endeavor of my life. I also operate a sole proprietorship called Elfin Technologies, largely a hobby, and as a vehicle for developing, presenting and/or marketing my own innovations. Some of these relate to home automation and others are associated with musical instrument technology.