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Elfin Technologies provides innovative automation and control products for home and industry, including some amazing and powerful tools for musicians, DJs, and all those involved with performance audio. Other specialties include custom modification of existing products, electronic design services, and equipment repair. We also offer embedded system design and coding services, all with 45+ years experience. This site features few "glitzy" graphics or animations beyond some product photos and the author's occasional smiling face. All products and services may be viewed using the "drop down" menus above. If this is your first visit however, please read the disclosure notice below. Enjoy!

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Although this site is reasonably "mobile friendly", it is intended as a source of detailed information about technical products. So there will be some crowded pages that are best viewed on a desktop sized screen. If viewed using a small mobile device, landscape mode (sideways) will probably be better than portrait. I also try to be as browser compatible as possible, but understand that there are practical limitations here. For example, if you visit with an IE version below '8', all formatting bets are off. Also please be aware that the site does use both "cookies" and Javascript, and will not function properly if these are disabled.

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